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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Manually Remove Toolbar

I'm sure many of my fellow IT Admins are getting extremely annoyed with the search toolbar showing up on user's browsers.  This thing is being bundled with installers for other products, such as Java updates.  We IT people know what to watch for, but when user's take the updates, they just click Next without paying attention.

In many cases, you can go to Add-Remove Programs and quickly find listed and do an uninstall.  In other cases you have to study the list of programs very closely and you'll see a reference to in one of the Titles, and you can just uninstall that.

But in other cases, some unscrupulous vendors hide it so well that they don't even list an Uninstall for it.

Here is how I was able to completely get rid of it in one case.

I first did a registry search for and ultimately found an entry this reference:

C:\Program Files\\

I then tried to delete the folder C:\Program Files\\ but it wouldn't let me.

After looking around inside the folder I found Updater.exe

Then I looked in Task Manager and found this Updater.exe process was running, so I killed it.

Then I could delete the contents of the C:\Program Files\\ folder.

This gets rid of the Toolbar, but I suggest you use your favorite Registry Cleanup tool, such as CCleaner, to get rid of all of the references to it in the Windows Registry.

I know this is all about money.  Vendors looking to make a quick buck take money from to bundle their toolbar, but this kind of thing just makes me loose respect for all of the vendors involved.  This is akin to malware in my opinion.


  1. Yeah, ooVoo bundled it and it was chowing my cpu.. total crap

  2. Why Ask is doing this? I removed it using video tutorial.

  3. Thank you for your help

  4. Worked great, thanks for the tip.

  5. A lady friend brought me a Dell laptop running Windows 7 with some weird bugs, i.e., Babylon whatever and Ask Toolbar. Immediately I booted to Safe Mode and restored back to oldest date available. Then I tried to uninstall Ask Toolbar but it wasn't allowing to uninstall. So I downloaded the Ask Toolbar installer and installed it. I installed CCleaner Pro and used its "uninstaller," VIOLA! The Ask Toolbar and the Ask Toolbar updater all gone!

  6. watch out the CCleaner download offers!!!!

  7. Thanks for the help. I have the same opinion about these tools or whatsoever. From Brazil, Marco