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Friday, January 20, 2012

IIS 7 and 32-bit ASP Apps

A highly respected colleague of mine, Donald Milam, emailed me today about a problem he recently encountered.  Knowing I'll likely run into this myself very soon I decided to post this here as a reference.  Thanks, Donald for sharing this.


In the spirit of your blog, I wanted to share something I found:

Recently one of our clients had an issue with retrieving their check images through Internet Teller. This was after they had upgraded their IIS Webserver hosting Internet Teller to IIS7. By default Server 2008 R2 only installs in 64 bit. IIS 7 by default disables 32 bit ASP applications from running.

This can affect third party applications from being executed, such as check image retrieval and Single Sign On (SSO) to external sites such as Bill Pay. To enable this functionality follow these steps:

Create a new or edit an existing Application Pool using Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager by clicking “Application Pools” on the left hand pane. Click “Add Application Pool” and provide it with a name such as “Classic ASP” or edit the existing pools. Right click the new application pool and select “Advanced Settings” and under “General” switch “Enable 32-Bit Applications” to “True”.
Then switch (or verify which pool your ASP site is using) over to use the new Application Pool by right clicking on the site name and selecting “Manage Application”/”Advanced Settings” and changing the Application Pool to the newly created “Classic ASP”.

Thanks to this website for the above solution:

Below is a screenshot of the settings (click to enlarge):