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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Google Toolbar on Firefox 13

It's a shame I have to keep playing this cat-and-mouse game to keep my beloved Google Toolbar working in Firefox.

Google, if you're listening, please reconsider this decision and revive the Google Toolbar for Firefox.  You provide it for Internet Explorer, what gives?

To understand the context of this post you need to read my previous post:

There I describe how you could edit a configuration file, to make the Google Toolbar work again when upgrading to Firefox 11.  This trick also worked for Firefox 12.  But then when Firefox 13 came along, I once again lost the Google Toolbar.

You have to first follow the steps in the previous post, but then while you have the install.rdf file open and you changed the em:maxVersion line to something such as 20.0.* - now to accommodate Firefox 13 you must also look for the line a little farther down that starts with em:updateURL and make a change.

Change this line from this:
To this:

It worked for me, hoping this helps others as well.

Update 9/27/2013 - Please see my post More Issues with Google Toolbar on Firefox 24.0