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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manually Updating GoToMyPC

Since GoToMyPC released their IPad client I have been wanting to try it out. I finally learned that in order for it to work your PC must be running at least version 7.x of their software.

If I went to a PC that had version 6.x you're supposed to be able to right-click the tray icon and "Check for Updates" but it always said I had the latest version.

Finally found this web page:

At the very bottom in fine print they tell you to manually upgrade click this link:

I went there, had to login first, but was then offered the download. Had to install it twice to get it to take, and even after it took, it then told me I had an update to apply. By the way, this is on a Windows XP SP3 machine.

This update process is obviously very buggy.


  1. Hi David, sorry you had so much trouble updating you GoToMyPC Host software. You actually should have been automatically updated some months ago, the only reason you wouldn't have been is because your account was set to a specific build sometime in the past, most likely by a support rep for a compatibility issue. If anyone else reading this finds that they too are still on version 6 or older, and no upgrade is available via the MYPC icon, they should call our toll free support line to have their account settings checked.


    Glenn Dobson
    Community Leader, Citrix Online

  2. Thank you, Glenn Dobson. As I picked back up on this issue I kept running into the same problems. I would update a PC to version 7, but then it would offer an 'upgrade' that just took me right back to version 6.

    I contacted support, and you were correct. For some reason they had our account flagged to stay on version 6.x. What I find odd though is that about 1/4 of our machines were on version 7 with no problems.

    Oh well. It's corrected and now when you "check for updates" it correctly downloads and installs version 7.

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