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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Android Camera Phone to Picasa Web to Computer

I have been experimenting with Picasa Desktop and Picasa Web trying to figure out the best way to manage photos taken from my Android camera phone. 

Thanks to the Google+ app for Android it can automatically send photos you take on your phone to your Google+ account and then they are viewable in your Picasa Web account.  But the linkages are one-way and not bi-directional.

In the video below I demonstrate the various ways to get the photos from your phone to the computer as well as deleting them.

You may prefer to watch directly on YouTube

As a side note, this was also my first attempt at making a screen-capture video, so it's a little unpolished.

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  1. Only one decent way to get photos from phone to computer. Plug it in to usb port and connect as Mass Storage Drive. Copy photos to computer using favourite method.

    I always cringe whenever i see someone stuffing around with the many programs out there. I especially dislike Picassa since I had a disagreement with the original writer over the way it installs and creates many tracking files. The scanner was also taken over permanently even after uninstall.

    Whenever you involve a program with your photos, you risk unwanted changes being made. So... copy, save backup twice, then start tinkering. Faststone, Irfan, Sagelight, Thumbsplus, Photoshop are all decent progrms to get started. There are many amatuer hour wannabees out there that are not worth messing with.