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Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - Great Service

I had something interesting happen to me today. Well, interesting to me. Starting last night I was having trouble syncing my favorites/bookmarks with Xmarks. This morning the problems continued. I looked around on their website to see if they had announced any issues. I found a post in their forums that a handful of other people were having issues as well. I sent a Tweet (on Twitter of course) about the fact that I was having problems. I didn't send it to them mind you, I just tweeted to the world and then also shared it with my co-workers who also depend upon Xmarks. To my shock this afternoon I received a direct tweet from Xmarks acknowledging that there had been a problem and they resolved it. Wow! Now I'm still relatively new to Twitter, and maybe this happens frequently, but this is awesome. Wish I could Tweet about high taxes and then have my Congressman respond telling me my worries are over. Xmarks was already at the top of my favorite software but this kind of great customer response is something I wish all of my vendors would take note of. Thank you Xmarks/LastPass for such great products.

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